How to Make Frosted Mason Jars

       Frosted Mason Jars are an easy DIY project.

Frosted Mason Jar  and flower

Recently a friend gave me the light globes from a bathroom she was was remodeling.

Light fixture flower

Right away my mind went to Mason Jars... 

I wonder if it would fit on top of a Mason jar???

And guess what... it did! 

So because the jar was clear and the flower globe was frosted I wanted to make them match. 

Mason jar and light fixture flower

I whipped up a little DIY recipe of Mod Podge and several drops of food coloring

Mod Podge and food coloring

For this color I used about 5 drops of green and 2 drops of blue in about 1/2 a cup of Mod Podge

I painted the frosted flower globe and the jar with a coat of the mixture then let it dry. 

painting Mod Podge on floral light fixture

When the first coat was dry I gave it one more. 

As you can see the Mod Podge mixture turns clear as it dries. 

blue floral top and blue mason jar

And yes that floral globe fit exactly inside the Mason Jar

Blue floral top added to mason jar

And now it matches perfectly too. 

blue frosted sea glass Mason Jar with eggs and carrots

For this one I dropped a battery powered candle inside the jar.

Mason jar with shutter with wreath

Another version used the metal piece that originally attached the globe to the light fixture. 

See another idea using thrift store glass and this recipe with yellow!

The metal piece also fit inside the Mason Jar but created a base so you can fill the flower top. 

blue frosted Mason Jar

Fill it with Easter Grass and eggs... 

blue frosted Mason Jar with eggs in nest on top

or put a tea light candle in the top and fill the jar with jelly beans. 

blue frosted Mason Jar candle holder

This project is not only for Easter, you can dye the Mod Podge any color and create a jar for any occasion. 

A sea glass nautical look works too! 

Blue frosted Mason Jar candle holder and starfish

Check it out in yellow on a vase too!

frosted mason jar with overlay

I'm waiting on the rest of the globes from her bathroom and I've got another project in mind... 

stay tuned!

I love it when my friends save me their junk!

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