Christmas Appetizer Tree DIY Tray

This beautiful appetizer was a beautiful yearly addition to our
our holidays! Before the popular charcuterie boards, this DIY Christmas tree tray was a hit! 

Christmas tree appetizer tree with star

I wanted a tree shaped board for Christmas Eve but first I had to build a frame.

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Homeroad is definitely not a food blog but when I saw appetizer trees like this on Pinterest I knew it was something I needed to make.

The problem I had was how to transport a board of veggies and cheese without it getting messed up on the way. 

I am a crafter, not a cook so here is my DIY solution...

tree shaped board with molding

I cut a large triangle out of scrap wood then trimmed the edges with molding.

It wasn't hard and I wasn't careful with my cuts. 

Then I covered the wooden tray with aluminum foil so you wouldn't see the board anyway.

foil wrapped tree shaped charcuterie board

I filled the tray with rows of cheese squares and veggies with rosemary sprig dividers. 

Add a small cup of toothpicks and you have a healthy and delicious appetizer for Christmas! 

I cut a star from roof flashing than hot glued it to the top.

You can certainly use a metal star like these instead of making your own. 

tree shaped charcuterie board with cheese and veggies

My idea worked perfectly! 

I covered it with plastic wrap and transported my appetizer tree to my mother's house for Christmas Eve with no worries!

Problem solved!

tree shaped appetizer tray with overlay

And the next day, Christmas Day, we filled it with antipasto!

This year I decided to give it a new look... 

green painted tree charcuterie board with cork legs

I added cork legs to the bottom and painted the tree green with Bayberry by Fusion Mineral Paint. 

Christmas tree charcuterie board on table

I will line the inside with foil for the food and add back the star!

I the green paint makes it even better, I can't wait to fill it on Christmas! 

side view of green tree board with legs

This year I may try filling it with cookies and candies to make a dessert charcuterie board! 😋

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green charcuterie board with overlay

My Christmas charcuterie board was a success all around :)

Here is another idea for a DIY board you can use for the holidays. 


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