Scrabble Angel Ornament

I was inspired to make this metal angel ornament from an online shop. I had the fun idea to add Scrabble letters and it turned out adorable!...

metal angel ornament with scrabble letters

I've been making Christmas ornaments with Scrabble tiles for years.

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This time my ornament didn't start out with tiles but I added them at the end and I'm super happy I did. 

I began with metal roof flashing

roll of metal roof flashing

It is a thin and very sharp metal that is easy to cut with scissors but be very careful. 

I cut a rectangle off the roll then folded it in half. 

flashing folded in half

Using a piece of paper or whatever you have laying around (like the thin plastic I used) cut yourself an angel pattern. 

angel pattern and flashing

Trace the pattern onto the metal flashing making sure to put the top of the head on the fold. 

metal flashing angel

I used regular scissors to cut out my angel. 

Once the angel was cut I sanded the edges and the top of the angel with sandpaper to dull the edges and scratch up the metal surface.

I used a dark wax to rub on the metal to give it a slightly darker antiqued look. 

I wrapped the angel around a soda can to give it a slightly bent effect. 

angel wrapped around soda can

angel ornament with space in middle

On the bottom of the angel I cut the skirt with pinking shears for a decorative edge. 

angel ornament with zig zag edge

You can use any kind of decorative scissors for this part. 

I tied a jute hanger through the fold at the top of the head and added a circle of silver pipe cleaner as well. 

I hot glued the twine and the pipe cleaner in place. 

pin button
ornament with tree and overlay

At the bottom of the angel where I cut the zig zag, I hot glued the edges closed. 

Now it was time for the Scrabble tiles, I used a combination of vintage tiles and letter tiles from a newer game. 

angel with JOY Scrabble tiles

There wasn't much room on the angel but the three tiles for JOY were perfect! 

Tree with angel ornament

It came out just as cute as the other Scrabble ornaments I've made on Homeroad! 

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angel ornament on wreath with bow


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