DIY Farmhouse Sectioned Tray

This project is for all of you who like to repurpose. Turn something you may already have into something new... for almost free! You'll never know what treasures you may already have! 

wooden box with Christmas trees and a candle

I began this makeover with a sectioned wooden box I had in my craft cabinet. 

sectioned stained tray

The box was already stained! 

You may not have a sectioned box but any wooden box will work as a great tray with the same technique. 

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tray with mug rack and overlay

The box was previously just holding "stuff" in a closet.

Since we are in the process of renovating, I've gotten a chance to dig through my stash and downsize. 

When I ran across this box I knew I had found a treasure!

sectioned tray with handles

Here is how easy it was to transform an old box...

I began by searching out 4 cabinet knobs and 2 handles. 

At one time I was gifted samples from a cabinet store that closed so I have all kinds of hardware. 

You can purchase knobs and handles inexpensively on Amazon. 

I spray painted the knobs and handles with black spray paint to make them match. 

black painted knobs and handles

I drilled holes into all 4 corners of my box and used small screws to attach the "feet" to the bottom of my box. 

drilled holes in box

black knob foot on bottom of box

Next, I drilled holes for the handles and attached one on each side. 

If you don't have a drill you can use E6000 to attach your feet and handles. 

drilled holes in side of box

black cup hook on side of box

That was pretty much it! 

sectioned box with feet and handle

It will look great on the coffee bar, hold candles, spices, or holiday decorations. 

tray with tree, candle and mug rack

I turned an unloved wooden box into a treasure I'll be happy to display on the countertop now! 

mug rack, tray, and Christmas tree

And... it is the perfect place to hold tea bags on the coffee bar! 

Hmmm, I wonder if that is what it was in a previous life? 🤔

tea bag holder

coffee bar with tea bag organizer

It fits away in my organized coffee station drawer, an upgrade to one I made several years ago. 

This is my new modern farmhouse kitchen that we just finished! 

coffee station organization

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