Neutral Folded Book Page Christmas Tree

Here is a fun and easy project you can make while watching TV! Who doesn't like to keep their hands busy while watching a good movie? ...

christmas tree folded cone

First, you'll need an old paperback book. 

They older and yellower the better as far as I'm concerned. 

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I began by tearing off the covers. 

How fat the book you use is up to you, when the folding makes the tree the size you want, you can tear off the rest of the book. 

First, you're going to fold the first page like this. 

fold one corner down

Next, you fold the same page one more time. 

fold same fold down again

That's it, move onto the next page.

Do the same thing to every page until your tree is thickness you want. 

folded book pages

Be careful at the top to have crisp corners so the top of your tree is neat. 

When the tree is finished it should look like this. 

folded book cone

Next, you are going to need some kind of stand. 

I'm using a metal candlestick that I painted antiqued white

white candlestick

You can also use a wooden candlestick

I used one white cupcake liner and hot glued it to the top of my candlestick, this just gave my tree a little extra design.

cupcake liner on top of candlestick


Then I glued the tree to the top of the cupcake liner. 

folded book cone on a candlestick

If you fold your pages correctly you should end up with a little skirt at the bottom with an indent to glue it to the candlestick. 

At the top of the tree I used an unfinished wooden star

wooden star on top of tree

A little dab of hot glue held the star in place at the top of the tree. 

Don't miss the folded book Christmas card holder I made using the same technique! 

book page tree with wooden star and pedestal

You can decorate the tree with pearls and garland or leave it plain like I did. 

Book page tree with candy cane on woven placemat

I love the neutral look and I got most of it done while watching The Invisible Man! 

I'm even thinking that undecorated, this could stay up all winter!

book page christmas tree and overlay

And now for my personal favorite one...

A folded book tree with a lamp base and matching metal star! 

folded book tree with lamp base and metal star

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book page Christmas tree on woven placemat


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