Shredded Paper Book Page Ornament

Here's an ornament project that just couldn't be easier.  I've been working on some projects lately using an old discarded paperback book and I decided to create an ornament today...

wall rack with sign and ornaments

Seriously, it couldn't get any easier and there are no special tools required. 

And since I am on a book page project roll, I'm using the scraps to make this easy ornament.

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The only thing I had to buy was a plastic ornament from Michaels. 

clear plastic ornament

I bought the flat disc ornaments but you could certainly use the round ball ornaments. 

As a matter of fact I bought a whole barrel of the ornaments because I'm making a very special ornament for my family. 

barrel of clear ornaments

More about that later. 🤫

I happened to have a few extra plastic ornaments so I grabbed what was left of my discarded book. 

I cut 2 pages into very thin strips using a scissor. 

scissor and book page strips

I wrinkled up the strips with my hands... not too much, just enough to make them a little crinkled. 

shredded paper put inside ornament

Next, I removed the top of the ornament and stuffed the strips inside. 

ornament with shredded paper inside

I returned the top to the ornament and added a bow

That's it! 

shredded paper ornament with bow

You could make a million of them and give them away as gifts! 

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shredded paper, ornament and overlay

Now if you wanted to you could add lettering or words to the outside of the ornament using a vinyl cutter.

I love my little Cricut Joy. 

I love you on ornament

Add sequins, glitter, shiny paper, anything you'd like to make the ornament sparkle! 

See some ideas from Amazon below the post! 

shredded ornament with black and red bow

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folding hook shelf with sign and ornaments



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