DIY Dollar Store Christmas Garland

Have you been out looking for Christmas garland yet this year? Maybe you're completely decorated already?  I just started and my house renovations are almost finished... 

garland on a wooden shelf

I went to a few different stores and couldn't believe the prices for a simple garland without red berries!

Sixty nine dollars? 

For a few feet of garland that's going to get dusty anyway? 


So I did what any good DIYer would do, I gathered the parts to make my own! 

garland supplies

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I began my shopping at Five Below and grabbed 2 magnolia garlands. 

They were five dollars each and looked well, real enough! 

Next, I went to Dollar tree and bought 2 lengths of pine garland and faux twigs with ice. 

twigs with ice from dollar store

I also purchased a bag of $3.00 pinecones from Target. 

bag of pinecones

Are you adding it up? 

That's less than $20 for two 6 foot garlands. 

I began by laying out the magnolia leaf garland on the floor. 

I wrapped the pine garland around the magnolia strand all the way from one end to the other and back again. 

magnolia garland and pine garland

Next, I cut the twigs with ice into 3 parts and wired them to the garland using floral wire. 

garland with twigs

Lastly, I wired pinecones about every 6" down the length of the garland. 

There is construction dust all over my painted railings, try not too look too closely! 

pine cones on garland

That's it!! They look just like I had hoped they would! 

pinecone garland

I cut one of the 6' lengths in half and added the pieces to the shelves on the coffee bar in my almost finished kitchen. 

shelves with garland

coffee bar with Christmas garland

I added lighted $3 mercury glass Christmas trees from Target and I got the look I wanted for less! 

garland on coffee bar with lighted mercury glass trees

The other six foot length of garland will be headed to my mantel just as soon as the mantel is finished!

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garland, lighted tree and overlay

Just a side note... renovations are not for the faint of heart! 🤦🏻‍♀️

I hope this shows you that it is easy to get the look for less without spending crazy prices!

coffee bar with christmas garland

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jar, garland and Christmas tree light



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