DIY Potted Faux Farmhouse Plant

Have you seen those cute potted plants in the stores now? They are faux branches and green plants in a pretty pot. Have you seen how much they cost?...

potted plant on a pedestal

I have a solution. 

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Instead of spending the $25 on the faux potted plant, I was going to make my own. 

faux potted plant at target

I'm using what I have at home but you could certainly buy the supplies you like best. 

Using what I have saves money and keeps the creativity flowing! 

I began with a branch I bought a Target for $3 and a $2 pot from the thrift store. 

faux branch and pot

I have a feeling the pot was once from Target dollar spot as well. 

I needed something to anchor my branch into the pot. 

Floral foam would be ideal but I'm all out so I grabbed a styrofoam moss ball I had that used to be part of a topiary. 

You may even want to try cement or plaster. 

pot and moss ball

I flattened one side of the styrofoam ball and hot glued it inside my pot. 

styrofoam moss ball in pot

Next, I cut the branch I bought to the right size using wire cutters. 

pot and wire cutters to cut branch

You'll determine how long the branch will be by the size of the pot you're going to use. 

I hot glued the cut branch into the moss ball. 

branch in styrofoam moss ball

Now I needed to cover the ball. 

I am using a length of frayed burlap ribbon which worked perfectly. 

burlap cover in pot

You may want to use Spanish Moss of some kind or whatever you have on hand. 

If you fill the pot with plaster or cement you can use dirt on the top. 

I spread out my branches and if I do say so myself, my $5 faux potted plant looks just as good as the $25 versions. 

faux plant in pot with burlap

pin button

pin with overlay

Now I'll pose it on a wooden pedestal I bought at Michael's for 60% off and I've got the look I wanted for much less! 

faux potted plant on a wooden pedestal

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faux potted plant on pedestal


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