A Giant DIY Painted Hutch and the Story

I follow a Facebook group that advertises 
used furniture for sale in our area.

A vintage hutch and a great story www.homeroad.net
When I saw this, I was totally interested!

It was just what I was looking for!  My dining room is not really a room, it is actually a pass through to from the living room to the kitchen.

The piece I had there, I loved.

You can read about that transformation here.

A vintage hutch and a great story www.homeroad.net

I created the old one from a few different pieces of furniture but it was a bit too wide for the space. And I needed more storage.

So when I saw this new piece I knew I was hooked. The only problem was getting it to my house.  

I asked the seller if they would deliver and sure enough she would! I even asked if she could deliver today for an extra fee and she could! Thank you Margaret! The stars were aligning! 

Margaret showed up with the monster hutch alright, bottom part in her minivan and the top of the hutch tied to the top of her car! It was a sight but it was here!

The only problem now was what to do with the old piece.

I knew a friend of mine loved it so I gave her a call.

I was about to put it on Craigslist and if she was interested she could have it for a good price.  Well wouldn't you know it, she wanted it and picked it up today!

The two hutches just about passed in my living room!!

So now the old desk/hutch was out and the new hutch was in.

A vintage hutch and a great story www.homeroad.net

Now came the HUGE job of choosing the perfect color and painting this monster! I cracked open a Heineken on New Years Day and got to work.

A vintage hutch and a great story www.homeroad.net

It's a winner!

old hutch transformation www.homeroad.net

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