A Mother's Day Tip For Tulips

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

Here is a little tip to make you very happy today.

tulips bent over

I didn't believe it when a friend gave me this amazing tip so I tried it for myself with my Mother's Day tulips...

a vase of red tulips

I love tulips but hate the droop... 

you know, the day after you buy tulips they grow and fall over the vase... 

not very pretty anymore.

Here my friends is my Mother's Day gift to you.

Put pennies in the water. 

Red tulips in a vase on the table

Just a few... 

it doesn't take many. I have 3 in this vase. 

When I got them yesterday they began to droop so I put 3 pennies in the vase. 

This morning when I woke up my tulips are standing at attention! 

tulips in a white vase with a pinterest overlay

I just thought you should know... 

I wish I knew this handy tip a lot sooner since tulips are my favorite flower.


Happy Mother's Day!

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