DIY Chalkboards in Beautiful Frames

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If you love making chalkboards like I do you're 
going to love these helpful hints...

making DIY framed chalkboards using these helpful hints

I make loads of framed chalkboards for my shop and for 
craft fairs. Today I'm going to share a few hints.

First of all I want to tell you about pre-made chalkboard. 
If you've been painting boards with chalkboard paint for framing like I was, this is the easy way... 

I buy large sheets of pre-made chalkboard from Home Depot. 

It is inexpensive and perfect for cutting to size and dropping into beautiful frames.

DIY chalkboards using pre-made chalkboard and a framing gun

Secondly, I want to tell you about one of the most fabulous tools I own... The kerchunker as it's been called.  


It is actually called a framing gun and it has made my DIY life so much easier! 

DIY chalkboards using pre-made chalkboard and a framing gun

The framing gun is a tool that shoots little flat nails into the frame holding the chalkboard in... no more nailing little nails into the side of the frame!

You just hold the framing gun up to the inside of the frame and shoot!

DIY chalkboards using pre-made chalkboard and a framing gun

Making chalkboards used to take me hours painting the boards, hammering in nails... 

No more! 

The pre-made chalkboard and the kerchunker now let me
concentrate on painting beautiful frames. I get so many framed chalkboards finished in 1/2 the time. 

beautiful framed chalkboards made with thrift store frames

Which leaves me time to make something else!

DIY chalkboards using thrift store frames and pre-made chalkboard

Just thought you should know!

These beautiful framed chalkboards will be coming 
with me to the craft fair at my local Library.

Send me an email for more details!

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  1. Love your chalkboards Susan! Thanks for sharing your tips!
    Where does one find this kerchunker??? What an awesome tool!


    1. Sandi I got the kerchunker from Amazon :) Best tool ever!

  2. These are gorgeous. Also, thank you for sharing the new tool. I had never heard of that before.

    1. It works great Tabatha! I love it and it makes the job soooo much easier!

  3. How do you get that nice gold color??

    1. Carolyn I found the frames that way, I didn't use any paint on the gold or silver frames. They were beautiful the way they were, I just added the chalkboard. :)


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