Vintage Cabinet Door Towel Basket

This cute project started with an old cabinet door 
and a basket.

Old cabinet door with wire basket and towel.

I cut the basket in half using a wire cutter, then drilled holes in the cabinet door where the basket's frame wire would fit. 

I dripped Krazy Glue into the holes and inserted the basket...

Vintage cabinet door with black wire basket

I painted the cabinet door and the basket Lamp White with Fusion Mineral Paint then heavily distressed the cabinet door. 

Fusion Mineral Paint sticks to the metal and the cabinet door with no priming, stripping, or sanding. 

The best part to me is that there is no waxing or topcoat needed! 

Fusion Mineral Paint can be purchased at Backstreet Antiques in Huntington, NY.

Cabinet door with rustic coat of white paint

Distressed cabinet door with white basket attached

I am using the Milk and Cream stencil created and sold by Angie at Knick of Time.

Angie has beautiful vintage and farmhouse stencils at reasonable prices. They are great quality stencils and I love the Milk and Cream stencil for this project.

I used spray adhesive to hold down the stencil then black craft paint to lightly stencil in the lettering. A light coat of the black paint is all you need... less is more in stenciling.

Milk and Cream stencil on white cabinet door

White cabinet door with milk and cream stencil and white basket with towels

I love this project for kitchen towels but it can also be used to hold towels in the bathroom.

Distressed cabinet door basket with tea towels

Be sure to check out 
she has some beautiful stencils for your next project!


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*The stencils and the Fusion Mineral Paint were given to me to try and 
all opinions are my own honest assessments of the products.


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