The Rolling Cart Saved from the Dump

Usually if it is too far gone I pass it by.... but I love rolling carts.

broken cart

I happened to find this cart in front of a neighbor's house.

It's always been a dream of mine to find something, fix it up then return it to where I found it.

This time since I know the person, I can!

The first thing I had to do was to cut the legs on one side of the cart to be the same length as the other 2 legs. 

sawing the legs down

I think at one time there was once a bar with big wheels on one side of this cart. 

This cart was truly a mess!

Once the legs were all the same length, I drilled holes and inserted new white castors in the legs.

adding castors

I'm trying a new color of Fusion Mineral Paint today... 

Lamp White is a beautiful white with a hint of blue undertones.

white folding rolling cart

I gave the cart 2 coats then distressed the edges. 

The cart has a few imperfections so distressing the edges made it all look like it was meant to be.

One side of the cart has a drawer that was in perfect condition inside. 

drop leaf end table rolling cart

The other side has a handle that moves up and down and in and out.

cart with tea towel and cake plate

The cart has wings that open so the cart can act as a small table or serving area.

rolling cart with table open and cake plate

I had my doubts about this one... 

I wasn't sure if I could save it but I did! 

I happily kept this old piece out of the dump.

And so I didn't actually return it to my neighbor but I did send her a picture of what it looks like now... she was truly amazed. 

(I don't think she knows what I do for fun) LOL

large hutch with rolling cart

rolling cart with sides down and cake plate

overlay for cart

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