Repurposed Hutch Doors into Hook Rack

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It is hard to believe where this hook rack began it's life...

Repurposed Hutch Doors into Hook Rack

On the side of the road, on my way home from the shop one morning... 

I ran across a beautiful hutch in pieces. Someone was throwing it to the curb and completely disassembled it.

It was a sad sight but I jumped out of my car and tried to grab anything I could to salvage and give another life... Unfortunately these thin doors were about all that was left. 

Repurposed Hutch Doors into Hook Rack

I gave it a little thought and then decided I'd turn them into a hook rack, I had some great large hooks from D Lawless Hardware that I was anxious to use on just the right piece. 

I began by laying the 2 doors end to end then gluing and nailing them to a long board.

Repurposed Hutch Doors into Hook Rack

The next step was to use lattice slats from Home Depot to frame the doors. 

I would like to add that my Ryobi nail gun is just about the best tool I own... and this is not a paid endorsement!

Repurposed Hutch Doors into Hook Rack

I painted the finished piece with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White with a wash effect using Paris Grey.

When the paint dried I distressed the raised edges.

Repurposed Hutch Doors into Hook Rack

I added 3 extra large hooks from D Lawless Hardware and called it a day. 

The beautiful long hook rack is elegant!

Repurposed Hutch Doors into Hook Rack

I'm thrilled that at least part of this old beautiful 
hutch has a new life!

I love this nail gun and you will too! Get it here V (affiliate link)

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DLawless provided the hardware for this project but all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love what you did with the doors! Great idea.


    1. Thank you Sherri! It was fun figuring out what to create with the doors :)

  2. Great piece Susan! I love that some people are able to see beyond a piece of junky wood and make it into something great! Blessings, Cindy xo

    1. Thank you Cindy! Yes, and I love that the pieces get a new life rather than ending up in the dump :)

  3. Very well done! Paint can really transform and in this case it worked magic!


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