How to Transform Tin Punch Panels

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This very old tin punch hutch is used as our kitchen pantry...

How to Transform Tin Punch Panels

Yes, I know it was pretty as it was... but my plans included matching this piece to a recent table and chair set I painted and with the many neutral colors I have in my kitchen/dining room.

How to Transform Tin Punch Panels

Using Fusion Mineral Paint in Cathedral Taupe like the table and chairs, I got to work. 

Fusion covered basically in one coat...

How to Transform Tin Punch Panels

The color was perfect for my dining room and because the top of this hutch was already stained the perfect color, I didn't even have to clear it off when I painted. (a little lazy)

Now what to use for the tin punch to give it a little pop was the question. 

I decided to use Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics in copper. I love copper and I thought this color would be perfect in my house. Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics also come in silver, bronze, and steel colors so the transformation color is your choice.

How to Transform Tin Punch Panels

One coat covered the tin and looks authentically copper.  It brought out all the detail in the tin and couldn't look more real. 

I added hooks to the side of the hutch and painted them with the copper paint. I love them to hang throws when they aren't being used. 

How to Transform Tin Punch Panels

How to Transform Tin Punch Panels

The hutch is now bright and beautiful! The paint went on smoothly and evenly. It sticks to the old surface with no priming or sanding and the best part is that there is no sealing or waxing!

How to Transform Tin Punch Panels

I am so excited about Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics and I can't wait to try them all!

How to Transform Tin Punch Panels

Bronze will be next on my list to try!!

How to Transform Tin Punch Panels


Homestead House provided me with the Fusion Mineral Paint. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. loved seeing the unusual colors you used on this piece, but the thing I learned that I hadn't thought of before is hanging throws. Such a good idea. I had never thought of it, but solves a lot of problems. thanks for the inspiration.


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