Fourth of July Red, White, and Blue Rag Garland

On a recent trip to the craft store I came close to buying this pretty Fourth of July rag garland... but I didn't. 

Fourth of July Red, White, and Blue Rag garland from Michaels

Instead, I went home and gathered the supplies needed to make it myself! 

I found scraps of painter's cloth, a piece of navy blue curtain, and red ribbons. 

red, white and blue fabric and ribbon

I cut the fabric into 6" strips and tied them to a long piece of thick jute. 

I began with the painter's cloth (white) and spaced it across the jute. 

white fabric scraps tied on rope first

Next, I tied on the navy blue strips between the white ones. 

Just one half hitch is all that is needed to tie the strips. 

Blue added to the rope

Last, I tied on the ribbons, there weren't as many red ribbon strips so I spaced them randomly between the red and blue. 

Red ribbon added next

Once I was finished, I pinned the garland to my mantel. 

Fourth of July Rag Garland hanging on the Mantel

The rag garland looked beautiful with the wooden firecracker blocks I made recently. 

Large mantel with clock and rag garland

The garland took no time at all to make and was basically free because I had all the fabric and ribbon I needed at home. 

The garland at the craft store was inexpensive but what is better than free? 

It was also fun to make! 

Red, White and Blue Rag Garland

clock , firecrackers and rag garland with overlay
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This is all the indoor decoration I need for the Fourth of July. 

You can also add a few black and white vintage summer photos and small tags to jazz it up a little bit. 

Red, White and Blue Rag Garland with Photos

DIY Red, White and Blue Rag Garland with photos and cards

Thanks for visiting, have a happy and safe Fourth of July! 

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