How to Paint a Two Sided Vertical Sign

First today I'm going to show you how to create a sign I made a while back for the Fall. Then last year when I took down the Fall decor and got ready to put up the Christmas decorations... I had a great idea. 

A fall vertical sign and orange paint


You may be wondering why I'm going to talk about Christmas today...

First you're going to want to create the original vertical Fall sign I painted a couple of years ago. 

Then, instead of putting the sign away at the end of the season, you can flip it around and use the other side for a Christmas sign!

It can hang in the same place on the outside of the house where the Fall sign was but now it will have a Christmas message. 

Great idea, right?! 

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First, I painted the back of the sign in Fort York Red Fusion Mineral Paint

It's a beautiful bright red color that covers in one coat. 

It was perfect for what I had in mind for this sign. 

A rough hewn board painted red

This board was originally a piece of rough hewn vintage siding so it had a great rough texture that works well for a rustic look. 

You would never know that being a piece of siding it was thicker on one side of the sign than the other. 

I used a set of cardboard stencils for this project and a foam pouncer. 

First, I spaced the letters to fit the board. 

Cardboard stencils

Before I stenciled the letters in white, I sprayed the red with a matte sealer so the red paint wouldn't bleed through the white letters. 

This extra step worked great!

White E and L on red background

I used only one coat of white paint on the letters because I want to sand the board when it was finished to let the rough wood show through. 

I left off the "O" in NOEL because I wanted to stencil a wreath in its place. 

I used a stencil I found on Amazon similar to this one, the size of the wreath  was just what I needed! 

You can find the products I used or similar by visiting the bold red links

I used a beautiful green color by DecoArt for the wreath. 

stenciled green wreath

The next step was to sand the whole sign with an electric sander. 

I gave the whole sign a quick once over then concentrated the sander on the edges of the wood to get a distressed look. 

vertical noel sign with green wreath

I think I like this side of the Christmas sign even better than the Fall on the other side! 

Next, I made a bow from a red gingham wired ribbon and attached it to the sign with a push pin. 

Noel sign with wreath and bow

Now its ready to hang back outside for the Christmas holidays! 

No need to store the Fall sign away this year! 

You can read all about this fun Santa makeover too

Noel sign hanging outdoors with santa head

I made another vertical NOEL sign that is heavily distressed and beautiful, you'll want to take a look. 

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