Driftwood Buoy Stump House Number

This is a facelift to a project I did a while back.

Nautical buoy made from a stump

My husband and I dragged this VERY heavy driftwood stump back from the beach

Quite possibly a telephone pole, you can read all about it here

driftwood stump

Well, long story short, my lovely neighbor was redoing the garden on the property line between our houses and he was doing such a good job I felt it very necessary to repaint my buoy stump that had long since lost it's glam. 

After living here for about 5 years I think he finally got tired of waiting for me to do something with my side of the property line and he decided to do it himself. 

So this morning I'm ready to do my part and give the stump a makeover.  

In preparation, last night I ran out and repainted the top of the stump buoy white. 

I wanted it to be dry enough to add the numbers and details in the morning.

I made my own stencil using a computer print-out and a file folder, then with a stencil brush tapped the black into the stencil spaces. 

buoy stump with stenciled letters

I added a red stripe around the buoy using painters tape to mask a clean line.

House number stump with red stripe

house number nautical stump

When all the paint was dry I wrapped thick jute around the stump to add to the nautical look of the buoy. 

house number buoy stump

Now I just need to freshen up the pea gravel and let the neighbors new plantings fill in the space. 

house number nautical stump

You've gotta love a good neighbor!

buoy stump driftwood house number

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