DIY Kitchen Silverware Sectioned Drawer

I finally got it done! I built the kitchen silverware organizer I've always wanted. This was an easy project and I love the new easy organization! 

Sectioned silverware drawer DIY

A very long time ago I found an idea on Pinterest and I wanted to do it right away.

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Since that time I painted my 25 year old cabinets.

Five years later I'm finally ready to organize the silverware drawer!

before the upgrade silverware drawer

This is my silverware drawer and I'm sure you probably have one just like it. 

The organizer I was using just didn't fit and I've tried many. 

The silverware barely fit and it was always a mess.

Today I pulled out the drawer and decided to go back to my Pinterest board and give this drawer an upgrade. 

I found a few 3" wide reclaimed boards in my basement that didn't necessarily match each other but I'm all about using repurposed wood. 

I measured the width of the drawer and cut 3 boards to fit the drawer. 

I used reclaimed wood I had in the basement. 

None of the pieces really matched but it won't matter when I paint the drawer. 

Silverware drawer sectioned space organization

I nailed the boards in place from the sides with my nail gun then painted the entire inside of the drawer a light grey

Silverware drawer DIY sectioned and painted

I didn't worry about perfect wood or making it flawless because it's for silverware and it will get abused. 

sectioned storage for silverware DIY

Now there is a large section for forks, spoons, knives, and one in the back for serving pieces.

Silverware drawer sectioned organization for the kitchen

Soooo much easier to use than the mess I had before and it really only took a short time to upgrade.


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Update... I added drawer liners in each section to keep the drawer neat and clean!

Why did I ever wait so long?!

drawer organizer with silverware and overlay

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