The Great Grate Pumpkin

One of my favorite things about Fall is finding things that make unique repurposed pumpkins.

teal truck with pumpkins

And No I didn't spell it wrong...  it is a grate, a rusty grill grate.

If you've been following along for a while you may have seen the pumpkins I've created using whatever I could find.

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rusty metal cooking grate

This little cutie was part of an outdoor grill that I found while on one of my morning walks

From corks to bakeware, from rags to dryer vents, I have you covered in the repurposed pumpkin department. 

dryer hose

Search pumpkin in the search box and you'll find every fall idea you'll ever want! 

I think my very favorite is the one I made from a light fixture, the best part is that it lights up! 

glass globe pumpkin

Today I'm sharing a post I did a while back using a popular orange chalk paint. 

These days I'm using Fusion Mineral Paint for most of my projects and my favorite for the season is Tuscan Orange.

orange chalk paint

First, I cleaned the grate well with a wire brush, then I painted it orange.

I added leaves and a tendril that I pulled off an old dollar store pumpkin. 

That was it... all I needed to do to turn a roadside find into one of my favorite fall decorations. 

rustic grate pumpkin with leaves and tendril

Isn't it Great!


It's the perfect junky punky and all it took was a little imagination and orange paint!

             rusty orange metal pumpkin

Keep your eyes open for anything that can be turned into a pumpkin this season! 


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