DIY Ghost Topiary with Lights

This was such a fun project for Halloween and I got to  temporarily use one of my favorite garden pieces with lights!...

moon with branches

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I've had this 3 1/2 foot tall chicken wire frame for many years.

spray painted chicken wire topiary


You could probably even make one yourself with chicken wire and a tomato cage.  

Normally you'll find this piece in my garden. 

This Spring I planted Morning Glories all around it and the topiary was soon covered with beautiful blue flowers! 

Now that the garden is finished, it's just what I need now to build a lighted ghost for the Halloween season. 

First, I spray painted the topiary white so it wouldn't show though my fabric as easily. 

Many years ago I created ghosts for Halloween using white round lanterns and an old sheet. 

Today my ghost will light the Halloween night!

When the paint dried I wired white lights to the topiary beginning at the bottom and working my way to the top. 

topiary with lights

I tucked all the white lights into the chicken wire so they would shine inside. 

Next, all I needed to do now to create a ghost was to cover the topiary with fabric. 

ghost light with sheer fabric

I just happened to have sheer white curtains that I took down from my daughter's room this week. 

Hint: Save everything!

I laid two layers of the recycled sheer curtain fabric over the top of the topiary. 

sheer fabric and lights on ghost

I cut out 3 ovals from black vinyl and attached them to the fabric. 

It reminds me of a ghost face I did on a wine bottle ghost light at one time.

vinyl ovals for eyes and mouth

lighted ghost and pumpkin

That's all it took to create the cutest ghost for our front entry

ghost and pumpkin in entry

I'll be putting him out on the porch for Halloween night!


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ghost with lights and wreath

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ghost with lights and overlay


lighted ghost face


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