Repurposed Frame Spring Easter Basket

I was bound and determined to find a use for these frames that were leftover from my daughter's wedding.

Repurposed Frames

The wedding was 7years ago and today is the day and since it's getting close to Easter I had an idea.

These frames originally came from IKEA.

First I removed the backings and the glass from the frames then glued and nailed the frames together in a square. 

Repurposed frames into a box

Before I was finished I also removed the points that held the glass into the frames. 

Next,  I cut a thin piece of plywood and nailed it to the bottom of the box. 

Base of box attached at bottom

I added candle cups to use as feet and attached them to the bottom using E6000 glue. 

Then the next step was to paint the box.

old frame basket painted blue with feet

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence, then distressed the edges of the frames when it was dry I used a spray sealer to seal the chalky paint.

basket distressed with sandpaper

The next step was to add a handle, I had a broken willow handle leftover from another basket project. 

I wrapped jute around the ends of the handle then attached it to the box with hot glue and nails. 

I attached a gingham bow and a few speckled egg picks to the sides of the handle then filled the box with Easter goodies. 

Blue frame basket with Easter bunny and handle

Frame Easter basket with handle and bunny

A fun Easter basket that I created as I went. 
I'm glad I saved those frames for so long! 

Easter basket from frames with bunny and Pinterest overlay

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Yield: 1
Author: Homeroad
Estimated cost: $10

Frame Easter Basket

A Spring basket made from repurposed frames.
prep time: perform time: total time:


  • 4 wooden frames
  • plywood for base
  • 4 candle cups or beads for feet
  • paint
  • spray sealer
  • E6000 glue
  • wood glue
  • basket handle 
  • nails
  • Easter decorations and bow


  • saw
  • nail gun


Frame Basket
  1. Remove the glass from the frames
  2. Attach 4 frames with wood glue and nails
  3. Attach plywood square base with glue and nails
  4. Attach 4 lets with glue and nails
  5. Paint frame basket 
  6. Spray seal when paint is dry
  7. Add a decorative handle to top of frames
  8. Fill with Easter Decor
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