DIY Large Farmhouse Milk Cap

       Have you ever seen a circle canvas?

            Large farmhouse milk cap canvas on a ladder


But on a trip to Hobby Lobby, I was in search of something to use for a transfer I bought recently.

I found a circular canvas that was perfect!

I began this project by painting the canvas with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk, it's my very favorite white color. 

DIY Milk and Cream Large Farmhouse Milk Cap

You can visit my Amazon link in blue to find Fusion products or visit the Fusion website to find a store near you. 

I let the paint dry then used a Chalk Couture transfer I purchased recently and silk screened it onto the circle. 

You can see the process in this wooden bowl upcycle.

The next step was to stencil the center of the canvas using the Milk and Cream stencil from Knick of Time

DIY Milk and Cream Farmhouse Milk Cap

I stenciled one time with dark grey paint then moved the stencil slightly to the top and left to stencil one more time with black. 

This process created a shadow effect on my canvas. 

Milk and cream double stencil technique

As I was working on this project I couldn't help but think how much my round canvas looked like an old milk cap now. 

Large farmhouse milk cap canvas on a ladder

For those of you not old enough to know about milk in bottles, it used to be delivered to the milk box at the front door.

The milk cap was the seal on the top of the glass bottle.

Angie at Knick of Time has beautiful milk caps for you to print.

Large DIY farmhouse milk cap canvas on a ladder

This old ladder hangs under the skylight in my bedroom and it was just waiting for something like this. 

Pin it --->>

Pinterest pin with ladder and overlay

Large round canvas with milk and cream stencil.
DIY Large round canvas with milk and cream stencil.

Take a look at the Spring Wreath Painting I did with the same technique!

So what else would you do with a 
round canvas? 

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