Wall Shelf for Flowers From Thrift Store Finds

       Today I'm using these found pieces to create a wall sconce shelf.
supplies from the thrift store

A cutting board and a vintage candle come together to create a pretty wall shelf for a recycled flower vase.

The first thing I did for this project was to re-arrange a few of the original pieces. 

I glued the part that was the light reflector from the candle sconce onto the piece that held the glass globe to create a shelf.

shelf made from lamp parts

Next, I painted the piece with black hammered spray paint. 

Black hammered paint is the best thing to use when the piece you paint has a lot of imperfections. 

The texture in the paint hides the flaws. 

black hammered spray paint

While I waited for the spray paint to dry, I painted the cutting board with Mustard by Fusion Mineral Paint.  

Here is where you can find a Fusion Mineral Paint store near you. 

I gave the cutting board two coats then lightly distressed the edges with sandpaper. 

mustard painted cutting board

I attached the metal shelf I made from the lamp parts to the cutting board with screws.

Lastly, I hung my new wall sconce shelf on the wall by attaching a D ring to the back of the cutting board. 

recycled coffee bottle with cotton stems

The brown recycled iced coffee bottle was the perfect vase to use for the cotton stems.

wall shelf with recycled vase

I love how it is thin enough to hang in even the narrowest places in my home. 

My home has a lot of windows and the wall space is at a premium. 

Cutting boards from the thrift store come in all shapes and sizes. 

They are good for painting and repurposing and with a little imagination, you can create and recycle all in one step! 

Take a look at the project post I wrote about repurposed cutting boards --->> Ten Thrifted Cutting Board Ideas.

Recycled bottles with cotton stems

The shelf can hold any vase with flowers or just about anything tall you want to display.

wall shelf with bottle of flowers

Thanks for visiting and before you go stop by and see the Wooden Candlestick Makeover I made that is another project perfect for narrow wall spaces.

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