How to Make a Repurposed Globe Hanging Light

       This project might not be what you're thinking
when you read the title.

How to Make a Repurposed Globe Hanging Light.

It actually didn't start out as a globe at all but an ice bucket!

Yep, an ice bucket my friend gave me. 

It actually looks like someone repurposed a globe to make this ice bucket... 🤣

How to Make a DIY Repurposed Globe Hanging Light.

Did I want it... heck yeah!

How many cool projects would this make?!!

So I began with the most obvious. 

The top of the ice bucket looked like the top of a globe so I drilled a 1.5" hole into the top. 

I used a tool that I had used once before on this tea light candle project.

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How to Make a Repurposed Globe Hanging Light.

The light kit I used had a 1.5" bulb holder that slipped right into the hole and screwed on from the inside. 

How to Make a Globe Hanging Light.

Next I repurposed the rim of the ice bucket into a rim for the light. 

It was brass but I changed the color using silver gilding wax, it brushed on and worked like a charm. 

How to Make a DIY Globe Hanging Light.

When the gilding wax dried I used E6000 glue to glue the globe part to the rim then added ruler Washi tape to add a stripe. 

Repurposed DIY Globe Hanging Light.

Repurposed Globe Hanging Light.

This was a simple project and the first one I'm making using this old ice bucket... stay tuned!

All I have to do now is to find the perfect place to hang my new light. 

Repurposed Ice Bucket Globe Hanging Light.

DIY Repurposed Ice Bucket Globe Hanging Light.

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