How to Make a Metal Garden Bee Sculpture

A fun project using an old repurposed lamp fixture. 
Repurposed light fixtures

This is one of those fun projects that takes on a life of its own as I go along. First I removed the metal vines from the globe. 

Metal lamp parts for a garden project

I spread the pieces apart and realizing there were six "legs" I thought about creating an insect. I looked through my junky box of metal pieces and found a few I could add to this to create an insect. I just love using inexpensive garden junk and fun garden signs in my garden. 
Repurposed metal lamp parts garden bee

Next, I added a cork head to my piece. 
DIY Repurposed metal lamp parts garden bee

Now I'm thinking bee... I painted the piece with black hammered spray paint. 
Spray painted Repurposed metal lamp parts garden bee

My bee needs wings so I cut a pair of wings out of metal roof flashing. This metal easily cuts with scissors. 
Metal wings from roof flashing

The wings weren't quite right as they were so I stenciled them. I sanded the wings then used a chalky black paint to stencil a design. 
Stenciled wings for a repurposed garden bee

I thought the spring-like piece on the the back of the bee looked like a bee body so I painted it with yellow stripes. 
yellow and black repurposed garden bee

I added a small piece to the front of the cork that looked like a face and my bee was finished! 
DIY yellow and black repurposed garden bee

This bee and the honeycombed cookie cutter I found are the perfect addition to my garden! 
DIY yellow and black repurposed garden bee ornament

It fits perfectly on the side of a large planter. 
Yellow and black repurposed garden bee ornament

And adds a little whimsy to my garden this summer! 
Junk garden bee made from lamp parts

Repurposed vintage lamp into a garden bee ornament

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