Red Domino Coasters for the Holidays

If you saw the pile of red dominoes I found at the thrift store recently then you know I'm full of ideas for them! 
Red Domino Coasters for the Holidays
Most recently, I'm thinking the holidays and easy and inexpensive gifts to make. The red domino magnets I made last time were a great example of what you can make on the cheap! Today, I'm using the same red dominoes for another project and it is almost as easy to do as the last one. 

First, I gathered my supplies: 
A bunch of dominoes, I used 8 dominoes for each coaster. 
DIY Red Domino Coasters for the Holidays
And this man-made backing material that they use for the backs of furniture. (and yes, I reclaimed it from the back of an old IKEA dresser)

Red Domino Coasters for the Holidays for Gifts
First, I arranged the dominoes and measured the size of the board I would need, then cut it with a small circular saw. I spread E6000 glue over the backing board then placed the dominoes in the glue. I let them dry overnight. 
How to make domino coasters for the holidays
Again, a super easy project to make that looks amazing! 
How to make DIY domino coasters for the holidays
You can give them in a set of 2 or 4 and tie them with a bow. 
Domino coasters make great holiday gifts.
For this project you can use store bought dominoes or vintage thrift store dominoes, they all look great. (Don't worry, I'm going to fill this glass later)
Domino coasters make great DIY holiday gifts.

Red Domino coasters make great DIY holiday gifts.

These coasters are perfect for holiday gift giving! 
Easy and inexpensive coasters to make for holiday gifts

Easy and inexpensive DIY coasters to make for holiday gifts
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  1. Red dominos... who knew!!!! They look positively adorable as coasters! I need to get in on this one...

    This one's gonna be featured in this upcoming weekend's DIY Salvaged Junk party. Thanks for bringing it over! :)


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