Decoupaged Napkin Valentine's Day Sign

Buying Valentine's Day decorations is not my thing, I like to make them myself. Better yet is repurposing something that may have gone in the landfill. Today I'll show you how I repurposed an old sign to create something new. 
Repurposed Rustic Valentine's Day Sign

This project began with an old wooden sign that was on its way to Goodwill. I decided instead to repurpose it. First, I sanded the old words with an electric sander. I was pleasantly surprised to see just how easily the words came off. 
Creating a sign using reclaimed wood from an old sign
The next step involved one of my favorite red buffalo check napkins leftover from Christmas. The red buffalo check works for Valentine's Day too! 
I peeled apart the layers of the napkin, there are usually 3 layers. 
Decoupaged napkin technique on a Valentine's day sign
I'm only using the top decorated layer but you could certainly use the other layers as napkins to clean up your mess. 
The next step was to spread Mod Podge in an even layer over the wooden sign. Carefully lay the decorative napkin layer over the Mod Podge. I was not too careful because I wanted a slightly wrinkled surface. 
DIY Decoupaged napkin technique on a Valentine's day sign
Over the top of the napkin I applied another coat of Mod Podge. 
Buffalo checked napkin decoupaged sign for Valentine's day

I let the project dry overnight. In the morning I used the electric sander to sand around the edges of the board to create a rustic edge. 
DIY Buffalo checked napkin decoupaged sign for Valentine's day
Next, I grabbed a heart stencil. I'm using the heart from a pack of cardboard stencils I bought a while back. They were holiday stencils and have come in handy for several projects. 
DIY Stenciled sign for Valentine's Day
Don't be afraid of cardboard stencils, they can be used several times and if you carefully remove the cut-outs, they work great! 
When the heart was dry I attached letters to spell LOVE I had in my stash. You can use any letters, even Scrabble tiles for this part. 
DIY Stenciled LOVE sign for Valentine's Day
I attached a rebar wire hanger with 2 screws to the top of the sign and it was ready to go!
DIY LOVE sign for Valentine's Day
The old sign that was headed to the thrift store has a new life for Valentine's Day!
Repurposed DIY LOVE sign for Valentine's Day
This sign can be hung on the wall, it can sit on a table, or even hung from a wreath.
Repurposed LOVE sign for Valentine's Day
Rustic Repurposed LOVE sign for Valentine's Day
Creating something new from something old recycles and is a great way to teach others to think outside of the box. Valentine's Day signs are fun to make and cost pennies. 

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