Farmhouse Style Entryway Mirror with Antique Tag

Another day, another screech to a stop on my way to work. Lately I've been on a streak, I'm finding so many great things on the side of the road.
Farmhouse Style Antique Mirror

Today's treasure was this old mirror and other broken parts just waiting for a chance at a new life.
Farmhouse Style Antique White Painted Mirror
You know I'll find a use for the rest of this pile but for now I'm working on the mirror. A couple coats of a chalky white paint is almost all this old mirror needs for a beautiful upgrade.
DIY Farmhouse Style Antique White Painted Mirror
I had an old porcelain house number that had a crack in it, I painted the crack with matching paint and gave it a quick coat of sealer which made it look as good as new! (for an antique)
DIY Farmhouse Style Antique Painted Mirror
I sanded around the edges of the mirror with a fine grit sandpaper to distress the edges and this mirror up-cycle was finished.
DIY Farmhouse Style Painted Mirror with Antique Tag
I'm hanging it at the bottom of the stairs in the front entryway of my house for a quick check on the way out the door. Photographing a mirror is always a challenge, the other side of the room needs to be clean as well. LOL
Farmhouse Style Entryway Mirror with Antique Tag
The repurposed towel rack at the bottom of the stairs has been the best hook for coats we could ask for. That thrift store find holds a ton of coats and scarves for our family and has been hanging there for 20 years! The bench under the towel rack has an American flag painted on it using neutrals. It was another fun side of the road DIY project.
I am often asked about painting paneling, we painted this paneling white when we moved into our house 25 years ago and many times since. Painted paneling looks great and we never felt the need to remove it.
Farmhouse Style Entryway Mirror with Antique Tag
The TV stand in the mirror reflection was my grandmother's hutch. I transformed it into a TV stand as one of my first Homeroad projects in 2012! The buffalo checked painted bench was a quick makeover for a stained fabric bench. You can read all about these projects by following the bold links.
Farmhouse Style Entryway Mirror
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