Make a Rustic Farmhouse Technology Stand for a Home Office

Do you know what this is? I only do because there was a label on it when I bought it. I'm giving it a new purpose today so it won't just spend its life in the basement.

Make a Rustic Farmhouse IPad Stand

I put the question out on my Instagram and got a whole bunch of good answers, but none of them was the right one. 

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Make a Rustic Farmhouse IPad Stand for a home office

There were a lot of guesses like: a sanding tool, a cement working tool, and a brick maker's tool. 

According to the tag, it is actually a vintage carding tool for wool. 

Many people have since told me that the tag was not correct, that it is actually a cement smoothing tool. 

I love the old wooden look it already has but it needs work, the wood was a little stained. 

I began the makeover by adding a Scrabble shelf to the front.

Rustic Farmhouse IPad Stand for a home office

I painted the Scrabble shelf and the front only with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk

I love Fusion Mineral Paint because it can be used on almost any surface with little or no prep work. 

Painted Rustic Farmhouse IPad Stand for a home office

I didn't paint the back, I liked the look of the old wood but I did use hemp oil to refresh the dried out wood. 

I hot glued an old fabric tape measure around the edges of the tool. 

If you don't have a vintage tape measure for decorative trim, you can use the twill tape

Ipad Stand for the Home Office

The old wool carding tool makes a great IPad stand in my new home office and the style is just what I love. 

Repurposed Ipad Stand for the Home Office

The old wear marks are still there and hold a lot of history in an updated way. 

Repurposed Technology Stand for the Home Office

The perfect tech solution with a vintage vibe.

(Is anyone else wishing for beach time now?)

Finding a vintage tool like this one to repurpose is not alway easy but when you do find one, I hope this tutorial will show you how you can transform it into something you can repurpose and reuse!

Repurposed Vintage Technology Stand for the Home Office

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