Easy Vintage Hanger Office Sign

I needed a sign for the door of my new home office. I like the look of enamelware signs but I wanted to create one myself. 
Make an Easy Vintage Hanger Office Sign
I ran across a vintage pants hanger in the laundry room and it got me thinking. I wanted to create the look of vintage enamelware using card stock and the hanger.

I began by printing out the word OFFICE on white card stock. I cut the card stock to fit into the hanger. 
To give the sign the look of old enamelware, I used a Sharpie marker to make little black marks around the edges of the card stock. 
 Make an Easy DIY Vintage Hanger Office Sign

Next, I laminated the card stock using my home thermal laminator and thermal laminating pouches. If you don't own a home laminator, you need one! I love mine and use it all the time for papers I want to waterproof and save forever. I use it for children's pictures too so they can be kept for years. 
I sandwiched the laminated OFFICE sign between the wooden pieces of the pants hanger. I removed the hanger hook at the top of the hanger to make it easier to hang the sign from a hook on the door without wobbling.
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 How to Make an Easy DIY Vintage Hanger Office Sign
Because this is going to be my home office, I made a DO NOT DISTURB sign that can be swapped out with the OFFICE sign. You never know when I might be on a phone call or maybe even taking a nap. 😉
 How to Make an Easy DIY Vintage Hanger Do Not Disturb Sign
I hope you enjoyed my quick and easy vintage looking office sign. If you like sign making I've made all kinds, you can check them out by visiting HERE.
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