Walk in Closet Jewelry Organization

       I had to get creative when it came to organizing my large collection of long necklaces. 

In the past I hung necklaces on pegs behind my dresser.

I thought it was a great idea at the time but they kept falling behind the dresser. 🙄

I was forced to come up with a better idea. 

I decided on an easy and cost effective way to organize my jewelry without adding to the clutter. 

I repurposed a simple board with hooks and vintage nails.

I hung up the hook rack on the wall in my walk in closet. 

It's a tiny little walk in closet so I had to make the most of every inch.


Opposite the clothes there is a big empty wall perfect for hanging my jewelry.

Another peg rack below holds belts, scarves, and bags.

On the very top a couple of smaller peg racks hold shorter necklaces and baseball caps. 

And yes, there is a small stool in the closet to reach the high racks.

This inexpensive organization idea is working out great! 

Everything is within reach and hanging the necklaces on hooks keeps them untangled! 

Hiding everything in the closet is an added bonus when trying to un-clutter my bedroom. 

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