Framing a Bathroom Mirror

This idea came at the perfect time!

Framing a Bathroom Mirror

While perusing my Instagram one day I found an ad for a company that sells you all the pieces you need to create a frame for your bathroom mirror.

I checked it out and realized that the pieces they sell at such a high price are pieces I could buy at the hardware store at much better prices... so I did.  Here is the mirror before...

Adding a frame to this bathroom mirror

I had just finished repainting and making over my daughter's bathroom. You can read about the problems I have with that situation {here}.

The last thing I needed to do to complete the makover project was to frame the mirror so using the instructions from the company on Instagram, I got to work. 

First I measured the mirror then I cut the trim molding that I purchased at Home Depot with 45 degree angles. 

Adding a DIY frame to a bathroom mirror

I used wood glue and L brackets to attach the pieces from the back. 

Adding a DIY frame to a bathroom mirror

I used wood filler to fill in my less than perfect corners then sanded and painted the frame. 

The frame is attached directly to the mirror using a construction adhesive called Loctite. It says it sticks just about anything to anything so I'm giving it a try. 

I used clamps, duct tape, and a couple of spring loaded shower rods to hold the frame for 24 hours while it dried. 

Clamping a DIY frame to a bathroom mirror

Clamping a DIY frame to a bathroom mirror with shower rods

And that's it, a few easy cuts with the miter saw and something I've wanted to do for a ever was done. 

Adding a DIY frame to a large bathroom mirror

DIY frame to a large bathroom mirror

This old vanity was made new again and the water damaged was repaired {here}.

for the bathroom {here}.

You can also read about the perfect repurposed Christmas mat I made for in front of the sink that is just what I needed and was the inspiration for this room!

You can read all about this entire bathroom remodel very soon.

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