Neutral Farmhouse Style Carrots for Spring

It's almost time to start thinking about Spring and Easter and all the decorations that go with that. 

Today I'm stuffing carrots, not real carrots but the cutest little no-sew farmhouse styled carrots ever! 

white stuffed carrot on a grapevine wreath

The best part of this project is that it's made with mostly free materials! 

I used leftover curtain fabric and washed painter's drop cloth. 

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cutting white curtain fabric

The leftover curtain fabric was also used recently on these Patchouli Heart Sachets. 

First, I cut the fabric into triangles then folded the triangles in half. 

curtain fabric cut into trianges

If the fabric you use has a right side, put right sides together.

Hot glue the edge to close the seam then turned the fabric inside out. 

triangle turned right side in

I stuffed the carrots with Poly-fil to within about an inch of the top. 

stuffing carrots with Fiberfil

I used different kinds of greens and sticks for my carrot tops. 

I searched Michaels for something that looked like carrot tops and also used some that I had at home. 

You can really use anything for the tops, the more unique the better!

greenery for the top of the carrots

I put a little bit of hot glue into the top of the carrot and stuck in the greens. 

carrot with greens in the top tied with jute

I tied the carrot closed with a length of jute, wrapped it around a few times and tied a knot. 

White carrot with jute and greenery top

I made several different sizes with the 2 fabrics and used several different kinds of greenery and sticks for the carrot tops. 

crate of Mason jars and white carrots

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Carrots in a crate with Pin overlay

They look amazing in jars and a crate for the Spring. 

If you don't want to make your own, I'm selling a couple of different versions in the Homeroad Etsy Shop!

neutral carrots in a mason jar

I love neutral decor and neutral carrots are perfect for my house. 

crate full of white carrots

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pile of drop cloth carrots with different tops

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bundle of drop cloth carrots with green gingham bow


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