Stenciled Christmas Tree on Sled Sign

 This has got to be one of my favorite projects this year! Not only is it a great, multi-dimensional Christmas sign but you could leave it out all winter! 

stenciled crate with crate words

I began with a premium piece of pine from Home Depot. 

This piece had no knots and was very straight. 

Step 1: Staining the board

I used Rustoleum Transformations stain to stain my wood. 

You paint it on and wipe it off with a rag. 

It's the perfect color for most of my projects! 

stained wooden board

Step 2: Painting the board

Next, I painted a quick one coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement on the center of the board. 

I was careful to get a little paint on all the edges but I was not concerned with coverage in the center. 

White washed center of stained board

Step 3: Stenciling the tree

It is a simple tree with a crate on a sled and can be used in many ways! 

Stenciling green paint on the tree

You can see that I used brush strokes with the green to resemble the branches of a tree. 

Again, I was not too concerned with the coverage. 

I stenciled the crate and the sled at the bottom of the stencil with craft paint. 

Stenciled crate in brown

On the crate I stenciled a crate design using another Old Sign Stencil called Shipping Crate Stamps. 

I use this stencil a lot! 

When you check out the stencils, please remember the price shown is Canadian. 

stenciled crate stencil

stenciled crate and tree

Step 4: Sand the board and add details

Next, I sanded the edges and over the top of the sign with an electric sander to distress the design slightly.

I added a metal star to the top of the tree then wrapped thick jute 2 times around the top of the tree. 

metal star on the top of the tree

I nailed a vintage nail into the center of the tree to hold a wreath or a sign. 

Vintage nail in the tree sign

                                                  Christmas tree with wreath

As I said, this sign is one of my favorites! 

Christmas tree sign with star and wreath

Lean it on the porch, hang it on the wall, or stand it by the fireplace. 

Christmas sign by the fireplace

Pin it please! ---->>

Pinterest pin with overlay of tree on a sled

The best part about this sign is that you can leave it up in the winter just by changing the wreath to a snowflake or a sign! 

Christmas tree with a snowflake

Christmas tree with a sign

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stenciled Christmas tree with a wreath


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