DIY Wooden Bread Board

 This fun project uses the remnants of another wooden DIY project I just finished. I found rough hewn wood, the most rustic and least expensive wood in the wood department,  is found at Home Depot.  I bought a 6' piece for my last project and today I'm using the rest! 

rough hewn wood with a handle cut out

I cut my board to the size I needed with a small circular saw then used a jigsaw to cut out a simple handle for my bread board. 

I drilled a hole into the top of the handle so I could add twine for hanging. 

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I bought it at Home Depot. 

stained wooden breadboard

You just brush it on and wipe it off for the perfect coverage. 

Stained bread board

As you can see I use it all the time and I'm definitely ready for a new can myself! 

Now the fun part! 

I used the Rustic Christmas tree stencil by Old Sign Stencils to add a Christmas tree with craft paint onto the bread board. 

I use this stencil on so many projects like the ones I am linking to below, it is made of a strong plastic and can be used over and over again! 

Stencil projects made with this stencil and other Christmas tree stencils:

Christmas tree stencil with snow added

I added snow to my tree using a chip brush and a small amount of white craft paint. 

Stenciled Christmas tree on bread board

There are several options on this stencil, this one is my favorite! 

I gave the board a good sanding around the edges and lightly across the top to distress it. 

bread board hanging on the wall

As you can see this bread board looks great just hanging on the wall. 

Please note if you plan to use this for food you will want to make sure the products you use are all food safe. 

Christmas tree stenciled bread board with pine boughs

I plan on using mine on the table to hold bread or appetizers and I will use a piece of wax paper or a cloth napkin over my design. 

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bread board pin for pinterest

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bread board with white washed christmas tree

Old Sign Stencils provided me with the stencils. All opinions are my own. 


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