DIY Glittered Dollar Store Candles

 Are you looking for a few last minute holiday gifts? Or are you ready to start making something for yourself? These dollar store candles cost almost nothing and couldn't be cuter!

glittered dollar store candles thankful and blessed

I visited the Dollar Tree the other day with my daughter and was loving these clear glass candles. 

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My daughter was making candles to sell for Christmas and it gave me a great idea. 

I grabbed a couple of the clear glass candles and a sticker that says grateful, thankful and blessed. 

Glittered candle supplies a sticker and 2 candles

These stickers are on a very clear backing and when added to the glass candles, is invisible. 

I peeled off the blessed and thankful stickers and placed them on the candles. 

candles with thankful and blessed stickers

The next step is to coat the candle, right over the sticker, with Mod Podge. 

I gave the whole candle a light coat. 

coating the candle with Mod Podge

Now, sprinkle over the Mod Podge while it is still wet, with an ultra fine snowy glitter

Then set the candle aside to dry.

glittered candle

The candle looks so snowy cozy! 

Perfect for the winter and it makes an easy last minute gift!

For another glittered candle idea using these stickers, please check out my friend Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable and her dollar store vase idea

glittered thankful and blessed candles

They really couldn't be easier to make! 

glittered dollar store candles with a green potted plant

Tie on a ribbon to match the season and you're set. 


Glittered candles with blessed and thankful tied with a ribbon

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Glittered Candles with pin overlay

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glittered candles with black and white checked bow


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