How to Make an Easy NOEL Sign with a Wreath

I've said it before, I can not get enough of Christmas signs. How many are too many?  I've sold them, given them away as gifts, and kept way too many! Today I'm working on one of my favorites! 

boxwood wreath with a gingham bow

I started this sign with an old board that was just the right size for my stencil that I had stashed in the basement. 

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I gave it a quick couple coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Fort York Red then sanded the edges with the electric sander

Red painted board

The board was about 4' tall and so was the stencil from Old Sign Stencils I was using today. 

Noel stencil on red board

The stencil is called Joyeux Noel but I'm leaving off the joyeux part today because the board I had was the perfect size for just the NOEL.

I stenciled the N, E and L with white craft paint

I've made so many Christmas projects with Old Sign Stencils. 

You can view some of them below:

Noel stencil on a red board

It took 2 coats of white to cover the red on the lettering.

When the paint was dry, I sanded the edges and coated the sign with a dark wax

My secret weapon for applying the wax is with a wax brush but then I buff it to a shine with an old horse hair shoe shine brush

Dark waxing the sign with a shoe shine brush

I set the sign aside for a while to dry completely. 

Noel sign with missing O

It was about this time that my husband walked by and said 
"Noel"... to which I replied... "No, it's no O".  😂 

Get it? Sorry! LOL

Next came the wreath. 

Boxwood wreath with gingham bow

I had a small boxwood wreath and I added a gingham bow. 

I nailed the wreath to the sign where the O should be with a large cable staple, they work great holding wreaths to wood. 

Boxwood wreath in place of the O

This didn't take much time at all to complete and it looks amazing! 

This sign reminds me of a very popular sign I made a few years ago using reclaimed wood

Next sign I may even leave the Joyeau on the top of the stencil.

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Noel sign for Christmas

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Noel sign with a wreath


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