DIY Farmhouse Noodle Board

First, let me say, I had no idea what a noodle board was until I saw them on Pinterest so don't feel badly if you don't know. 

Noodle board on the stove

When I finally figured it out, I wanted one but the prices on the ones I saw were crazy! 

Amazon disclaimer

Good thing it is so easy to make one! 

A noodle board is extra counter space you can create on top of your stove. 

I would be especially careful with this, do not lay the noodle board on a surface with a pilot light or a hot surface.

I began with fence pickets I found on the side of the road one day

They were in a nice little bundle and ready for the picking! 

picket fence pieces cut to size

The first thing I did was to measure my stove top. 

I'm getting a new stove but most regular kitchen stoves are approximately the same size. 

Be sure to measure your stove to be sure. 

I laid out as many boards for the size I needed and used cross boards to attach them all together using a nail gun. 

At this point they still had the points on the end of the pickets. 

Cross board attaching pickets

As with all my projects, the tools and paint I use are only a suggestion, you can use a hammer and nails instead. 

Next, using a small circular saw, I cut the ends of the pickets off.

The next step is to stain the wood. 

I'm using a Rustoleum product that I bought at Home Depot. 

Just brush on the stain and wipe it back with a rag. 

Stained picket pallet

Now I had to decide on a decoration for the top. 

I used green craft paint to stencil the design onto the board. 

green wreath stencil

Next, I'm using a transfer design from ReDesign by Prima

I'm choosing the Organic Farms transfer that came in a large pack of many different transfers. 

Just lay it down where you want it and rub the back of the transfer. 

Transfer over wreath

The transfer looks great on the wood, there was a tiny bit of plastic around the lettering but as soon as I sealed the surface it disappeared. 

Next, I searched my stash for handles. 

I had some from a sample haul I was lucky enough to get a couple of years ago. 

The problem was that none of them matched so I painted them with an oil rubbed bronze paint and let it dry overnight. 

oil rubbed bronze painted handles

I attached the handles by drilling through the board and screwed them in from the back. 

Attaching handles from the back

These extra large handles look great! 

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extra large handles on noodle board

I placed the board on my stove and it looks great! 

Noodle board on the stove top

It gives me a little bit more counter space for a candle or a bowl of fruit. 

I have another great use for this board too...

I put it on top of the ottoman in my living room so it can be used to hold drinks and snacks. 

Noodle board on ottoman in living room

Using it as a tray gives you so much flexibility!

Table top on ottoman in living room with Christmas tree

Love the buffalo check garland on the mantel? 

You can read all about it here

The mantel ladder DIY is here

Please be sure to be careful with how you use the noodle board, a hot stove could cause a fire. 

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noodle board with handles and overlay

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Noodle board on the stove

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Noodle board with transfer design on the stove

Thank you to ReDesign for sending me the transfer. All opinions are my own. 


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