Essential Oil Wall Shelf

 Sometimes when you need something you have to make it yourself. 

Essential oil wire shelf filled with bottles

I was in search of something pretty specific...  

a shelf to hold my collection of essential oils. 

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I looked online and they were all quite large and expensive!

So I did what I do... I made one myself.

I had a wire drawer in my workshop that I thought would work nicely! 

wire basket drawer

I began by cutting 2 pieces of scrap wood to the size I needed for shelves. 

I am using pressure treated wood only because it was leftover from this project and it was a thinner wood.

pressure treated shelves

I placed the shelves where I wanted them to be in the wire drawer then used large staple nails on the sides of the basket to hold the shelves in place. 

pressure treated shelves in drawer

Now if I had thought ahead I would have stained the wood first but I didn't so I'm using a gel stain that brushes on and wipes off to stain the shelves. 

Wire drawer with stained shelves

This little shelf would be great for many things.

Hang it on the wall or sit it on a shelf like I did. 

Next it was time to fill my shelves with essential oils

shelf filled with essential oils

As you can see I use many different kinds of essential oils. 

I recently did a project using doTerra oils and I think they are great!

The bottles are large and the scents are amazing! 

I also made a heart project a while back using lavender that would be awesome scented with lavender essential oils. 

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shelf filled with essential oils pin

I saved a ton of money by making a shelf myself using reclaimed wood and a wire drawer I wasn't using. 

Now I can buy more essential oils!

Look around and see what you have before you shop like this round wall shelf I made using a galvanized tray.

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essential oil shelf filled with bottles


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