Creating Enamelware Bathroom Storage

Target dollar spot steps up again!

This time for my bathroom makeover.

I found this adorable organizer in the dollar spot section for $5.00. I just love the look of enamelware so I'm going to give this cute bin an even cuter enamelware looking makeover. 

The first thing I did was to cut a vinyl stencil using grey vinyl and my Silhouette cutting machine. I've gotta tell you it was the best craft purchase I've ever made.

I'm using the cursive lettered part on the bin and saving this stenciled part for another project.

I'm loving the look so far but I'm not finished. 

I want to add the look of enamelware so I painted Fusion Ultra Grip along the top edge of the bin. This will help the paint to stick to this shiny metal. Check for a local Fusion Mineral Paint dealer in your area.

Next using Coal Black Fusion Mineral Paint I painted along the top edge of the bin. I was careful not to be careful as old enamelware is chippy and imperfect. 

Just the look I was going for for only $5.00!!

I can't wait until my bathroom renovations are finished so I can show you how this bin is going to look in the bathroom! 

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