Peel and Stick Brick Backdrop

This is a project I've been meaning to do for a long time. I even bought the supplies a while back but never got around to it. It is one of those projects that literally takes 10 minutes and when you're finished you wonder why you didn't do it a long time ago.

distressed backdrop and roll of contact paper

I wanted a pretty place to photograph my projects, something that would make my DIY projects stand out. 

This peel and stick brick wallpaper I found was going to do the trick! 

You could use this brick wallpaper for any number of ideas including an accent wall in your home! 

My small little backdrop will be the perfect test for this easy wallpaper.

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For many years I hung my finished DIY projects on a nail in my kitchen to photograph and it wasn't always ideal. 

I found this great distressed brick peel and stick wallpaper at Home Depot a while back and I've been waiting for just the right project. 

It comes in many different gorgeous designs. 

Today, I grabbed a large wooden shelf I was saving and got to work. 

The shelf measures about 3' by 2'. 

wooden shelf

All I really needed to do was to peel and stick the contact paper onto the shelf. 

It took about 10 minutes in total and that included matching the brick pattern. 

brick pattern and decorative placemat

What took me so long to get around to this??

I attached the contact paper then flipped over the board and trimmed the edges. 

I'm using a dollar store placemat as the "flooring" for my backdrop. 

brick pattern and placemat

That's it... 

Can you imagine how great this would look on a backsplash or accent wall in a bathroom? 

Next, I hung a hook on the top so I could hang projects to be photographed for my blog. 

hook on top of brick shelf

brick backdrop with hook

You could also put a small nail in the brick board to hold a project. 

Everyone needs a backdrop if you photograph smalls for either an antique business or a DIY blog. 

See how great things look in front of the brick?!

brick backdrop with shelves

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4th of july clothespin sign

There must be many other uses for this decorative board around my house... it looks like real brick and I love it. 

Now that I see how easy it is to use and how real it looks, I'll be thinking about other places in my home where I can use this gorgeous brick. 

jar filled with rope

I can not wait to use this backdrop for my next blog post! 

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Peel and stick brick backdrop


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