Jewel Toned Lantern Makeover

Sometimes it just takes a little experimenting to turn something old into something new. Last weekend was my daughter's garage sale and before the leftovers were sent to donation I grabbed something from the pile that gave me an idea...

garage door

This purple (and purple is definitely not my favorite color) candle holder caught my eye during the sale. 

purple lantern with brick background

This is the first time I'm using the faux brick backdrop, visit this story to see how it was done. 

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I definitely don't need anymore stuff but it might be fun to experiment with this piece and the new paint I just bought. 

I recently purchased a small set of Color Shift paint after I saw the amazing project Sarah did on her Sadie Seasongoods blog using the paint. 

The small set of paint were jewel toned colors and they were really pretty, that is coming from someone who doesn't usually do color. 

green flash color shift paint

Today I thought I'd give the new paint a try on this unusual vessel, I had nothing to lose. 

First, I used a medium grit sandpaper to sand the surface of the purple piece. 

I am not using a chalky paint so I wasn't sure if the paint would stick so roughing it up with the sandpaper gave it a better chance. 

Next, I used a small sponge to dab the green color called Green Flash onto the vessel. 

sponge painting with green flash jewel toned paint

I dabbed the paint all around until I finished with the first coat. 

I only covered the surface and let the purple color that was in the holes and inside the vessel to compliment the green. 

first coat of green paint

When I was finished I gave the piece a second coat then a final coat of Fusion Tough Coat Sealer. 

I thought the sealer would keep the paint from scratching and it did! 

green flash painted lantern

Now I decided a handle would be in order. 

I painted 6 wooden beads in the Green Flash and another 6 beads in the Purple Flash that came in the set. 

jewel toned painted beads

When they were dry I threaded them onto a piece of rebar wire and attached it to the vessel through 2 of the holes at the top. 

green and purple beaded handle

Next, I tied a raffia bow to the handle. 

raffia bow on beaded handle

Now I had myself a beautiful jewel toned lantern! 

beaded handle lantern

The lantern was a gorgeous color and the Color Shift paint gave it a beautiful jewel tone. 

jewel toned lantern with purple hydrangea

I dropped in a small battery powered votive candle and the old purple cast off vessel became an outdoor lantern that complimented my very blue deck decor

jewel toned lantern on the deck

jewel toned lantern with battery votive

I'm glad I gave this paint a try and saved that lantern from the donation pile because I gave it a new life for almost nothing! 

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outdoor lantern at night

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green flash jewel toned lantern with beaded handle


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