DIY Driftwood Fish Mobile

I'm combining my love of a few things today to make an easy DIY project for outdoors. I'm a big fish lover... anything with a fish design. I also like driftwood and summer projects so this is a fun combination of both! 

dollar tree flexible fish

On a recent trip to Florida I saw these adorable hanging mobiles that caught my eye. 

souvenir shop

I knew they would be pretty easy to make with the right fish so I began with a dollar store unpainted flexible fish I had in my craft supplies. 

There is just something about the shape of a fish that I love! 

fish free photo

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It came from Dollar Tree and I used one in a beaded garland I made earlier

Today I'm using that fish and adding beads and driftwood for a fun and easy project. 

First, I painted the fish. 

painted dollar store fish

I'm using Fusion Mineral Paint in Brooke

I also gave it a splash of an off white coat over the top to lighten the color. 

You can use any kind of craft paint in any color you like, buying a large set of craft paints gives you so many choices. 

Next, I cut pieces of driftwood to about 5" in length and drilled a hole in the center of the wood. 

drilled driftwood pieces

This reminded me of a driftwood fish wind chime I made a while back too! 

If you don't have a beach near you the driftwood sticks like these are available on Amazon. 

I tied the fish, using a tiny eye hook, to a length of jute twine. 

Next, I began alternating a bead with a piece of driftwood until I got it to the length I wanted.

adding fish and driftwood to twine

I tied a knot with a loop at the top. 

The mobile looks so pretty when it turns when the wind blows. 

fish mobile hanging in yard

You could add a bell of some kind hanging from the fish to create a sound when the mobile turns. 

I think it will look great either hanging in the center of my rusty windmill in the garden or on the deck for the summer. 

windchime hanging from windmill in garden

The bead color and fish color can be coordinated to go with the Fourth of July holiday in red, white and blue or even leave it natural. 

My choices were stained wooden beads and a light green fish. 

hanging mobile in the garden

I sure like my neutrals

driftwood and bead mobile with a fish

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you'll give this easy summer project a try either by yourself or with your children or grandchildren... they would love it! 

rusty windmill with fish mobile

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craft souvenir pin with overlay

mobile hanging in the garden


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