Driftwood Centerpiece Candle Holder

I'm revisiting one of my favorite summer projects today! 
I always love having long centerpieces on my 
farmhouse table. This one was fashioned from a long 2x4 I found washed up on the beach. 

driftwood to create a centerpiece candle holder for a farmhouse table www.homeroad.net

This idea is perfect for the summer and nautical decor and fits perfectly on a long farmhouse table. 

It's just a piece of driftwood 2x4 I found at the beach

I just love the rusty nails that have been in this board for years, they left rusty marks all over this board. 

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driftwood with rope and clandles

To create this beautiful centerpiece all you have to do is to drill 5 holes large enough for a candle down the center of the board.

The secret is that these holes are good for more than just candles, keep reading! 

Then using my Pre-K plastic stencil to stencil some nautical words on both sides. 

It could be a random nautical word, your family name, the name of a boat, or anything that has meaning to you. 

Lastly, cotton cording is wrapped on each end of the board in a sailor's knot and candle tapers were inserted into the holes. 

driftwood 2x4 with candles on table

Row of candles with driftwood and stenciled words

One of the best parts of this project is that the candles can be removed and replaced with test tubes for single flower vases. 

driftwood centerpiece with test tubes

test tubes and flowers in driftwood centerpiece

This easy projects took almost no time and has a gorgeous authentic nautical feel. 

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driftwood candle holder with overlay

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