DIY Repurposed Hanging Wall Shelves

Here is a repurposed project you're going to love... today I'm repurposing an artist canvas into a wall hanging planter with shelves for plants.  Don't do plants? How about a shelf for craft supplies?

plant branch on white background

I began with the strangest of supplies, an artists canvas that I wasn't using looked very much to me like a window frame. 

artists canvas

Hmmm, what could I do with a window frame? 

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I removed the canvas and gathered a few more supplies. 

scrap wood and artists canvas

Several pieces of scrap wood cut to the width of the canvas frame were first up. 

For this project I also used wood glue, a nail gun, and paint. 

I began by building a wooden box from the scrap wood. 

assembling wooden planter box

 A front, a bottom, and two side pieces. 

assembling wooden box for flowers

I used wood glue and a nail gun to build my box. 

nailing box together with nail gun

Next, I attached the wooden box to the bottom of the canvas frame. (the window)

attached box to bottom of window

Then I decided my window needed a couple of shelves so using more scrap wood I cut 2 pieces and attached them with wood glue and nails to the center piece of the window and one to the top. 

wooden shelves on window frame

It was really beginning to look like something now! 

planter box with shelves for plants

Next, I found a jar of oops paint from Home Depot in a very light shade of beige. 

I gave the frame 2 coats of the oops paint. 

white shelves and planter box

When the paint dried I cut a piece of thin plywood and painted it back with chalkboard paint to use as a backing for the shelves. 

wall shelf with chalkboard backing

Now it was time to add a couple of D ring hangers to the back of the window. 

I added an enamelware plaque to the front of the box for decoration. 

All that is left to do is to hang my new shelf and fill it with plants or whatever. 

wall shelf with chalkboard backing on wall

I don't do plants very well so I filled the shelf with faux plants and they look great! 

black and white shelf filled with plants

Or if you're like me you have a ton of crafts you could put in repurposed glass flower vases from the thrift store and fill the shelf with crafts. 

shelf filled with jars with neutral craft supplies

Who would have thought an artists canvas would make such a great shelf to hang on the wall? 

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