Make Your Own Metal Hang Tag Labels

Sometimes my neighborhood walk 
yields more than just a good workout.

enamel DIY hang tags

I found these metal discs in the street and was so excited I almost ran home to create this project.

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metal circles for tags

Literally minutes after I got home I brought these metal circles down to the workshop and drilled a hole in each one. 

Then I gave them a quick shot of white primer spray paint.

metal tags with holes for tags

I cut out numbers 1-6 with my vinyl cutter...
(you could also use stickers)

Silhouette numbers for tags

Using a product called Triple Thick by DecoArt, I gave each numbered disc a quick coat. 

This product is self leveling so you won't see the brush marks when it is dry.
(I am thinking the spray version is next on my wish list)

numbered metal tags

It is hard to see the shine in the pictures but each tag now has the shine like an enamel tag and the number is embedded in the coating.

DIY enamel tags

The next step is to add a string and hang them all over the house.

enamel metal tags with jute

enamel tags

enamel tags

The moral of this story is to get out there
and exercise and keep your eyes on the road!

You never know what you might find!

Give it a try!...


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  1. Wow, are you lucky! I never find stuff like this on my walks :)
    Love what you've done!

  2. Way more exciting than finding a penny! I'll have to keep my eyes open on my walks (and my fingers crossed).

  3. I love these tags. I'll have to find a way to make something similar for my too many boxes and baskets, just to give them a better look.
    Currently they are tagged with recycled cardboard tags, not so nice to see but at least I know what there is inside :-)
    Thanks for the ideas that you share.
    Have a nice day.
    Donatella (from Italy)

  4. Those are so cute! Very clever girl! I found a metal pitcher recently that made a great flower pot...I love walking, you never know what you will see. I even saw a deer up close and personal.

  5. lol what a lucky girl you are to find such treasures!

    I have often wanted to get a product like that.. mod podge has a version too.
    love the hang tags!

  6. All these treasures must be your reward for exercising!

  7. great find, love what you did with them. I'll have to try and remember that product you used.

  8. And that, my dear, is why I always walk with my head down! LOL Seriously, you can spy the best stuff by paying attention to what's on the ground, as you just testified to. Great project and with great new products to try. Ok..gotta run! And while I'm out you can bet I'll be having my head down!!

  9. Dang! Wasn't that a find!! I've already gotcha pinned for later- that deco art sounds like a real find!! Thanks for the tip.
    xoxo Becca

  10. I absolutely LOOOOOOVVVEEE this post of your walk, and finding the metal tags, and what you did with them... Totally sounds like something I would do ( if I was lucky enough to find some).. Makes me want to go out for a walk..

  11. It doesn't get any better than that.....exercise and junk materials for a very cool project!

  12. I'm impressed - I've never operated a drill! (a bit power tool challenged here!)


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