Make Your Own Metal Hang Tag Labels

Very often I take a walk around my neighborhood and come back with a great find. Today I'm sharing several of my side of the road finds with you  and what I created when I got home.

basket with hang tag

A while back I found these metal discs in the street and was so excited I ran almost all the way home to create this project.

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metal circles for tags

Literally minutes after I got home I had these metal circles in my workshop and was drilling a hole in each one. 

My regular drill worked fine, the metal was pretty soft. 

Next, I gave them a quick shot of white primer spray paint.

metal tags with holes for tags

I cut out numbers 1-6 with my vinyl cutter.

You could use regular numbered stickers at this point. 

Silhouette numbers for tags

I then gave each circle a coat of  Triple Thick by DecoArt.

This product is self leveling so you won't see the brush marks when it is dry.

There is also the spray version  which is next on my list of things to try. 

numbered metal tags

It is hard to see the shine in these pictures but each tag now looks like an enamel tag with the number embedded in the coating.

You can give the tags several coats to thicken the coating even more. 

DIY enamel tags

The next step is to add a string and hang them all over the house.

enamel metal tags with jute

enamel tags

enamel tags

The moral of this story is to get out there and exercise but keep your eyes on the road!

Here are some more cool things I've found while walking over the years...

You never know what you might find!

Give it a try!


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Author: Homeroad
Estimated cost: $5

Enamelware Hang Tags

Create your own enamelware hang tags in minutes!


  • drill


Quick and Easy Directions
  1. Drill holes in metal circles. 
  2. Spray with primer spray paint. 
  3. Add vinyl numbers or stickers.
  4. Coat with Triple Thick
  5. Add jute for hanging.
  6. Hang on baskets around the home! 
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