Vacation Sea Shell Garland

What do you do with the shells you collect on your beach vacation? I always look for pretty shells no matter what beach I visit but when I get them home I'm never too sure what to do with them... until now. 

sea shells

I just got back from two weeks on the gulf coast of Florida and while there I collected so many beautiful shells and coral pieces.

florida beach

It wasn't until I visited a local souvenir shop that I knew just what I could do with them. 

souvenir shop window

(sorry this photo is a little hard to see) 

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I am often inspired when on vacation, especially a beach vacation.

Today, I'm going to show you how to make a shell garland 2 ways. 

First I laid out all my shells, if you don't have shells they can be purchased on Amazon.

You will need some thin string and ribbon. 

shells and coral

First I will show you how I made a garland with ribbon. 

The ribbon I used was a thin burlap ribbon from the dollar store but you can use any kind of beachy looking ribbon. 

I hot glued the end of the ribbon to an S hook for the hanger at the top of the garland. 

hot glue ribbon to S hook

Then I started gluing my favorite shells to the ribbon. 

shells hot glued to ribbon

Somewhere on this garland you could write with a thin ultra fine point sharpie marker where you found the shells. 

shell garland on an S hook

That is all you need to do for this garland, now just hang it wherever you need a little summer vibe. 

shell garland hanging on hutch

It looks beautiful hanging in a window, (it is just darn hard to photograph! 😂)

shell garland hanging in window

The second way I made a shell garland is with white cotton string and pieces of white coral.  

I doubled the string then tied a knot at the top. 

coral tied to cotton string

I tied the string around pieces of coral, if the knot was not enough I put a tiny dot of hot glue on the back of the coral. 

glue dots on the back of coral

I kept adding coral until the garland was the length I needed. 

coral tied to cotton string

Between the coral pieces I added a silver bead here and there. 

When I got to the bottom I went back and filled in the spaces with more color. 

coral garland with sea glass

I added sea glass, rusty nails and a few pretty shells. 

You can also sometimes find sea glass at the dollar store like I did for this project

Some of the smaller shells were hot glued in between the coral with another shell on the back. 

Coral and sea shell garland

This is a beautiful way to display your precious vacation souvenirs. 

Did you know you can also paint shells with metallics?

jar of shells and garland

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Vacation garland with overlay


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