Lazy Susan with Penny Tile Stencil

 Sometimes random projects are the most fun! 

The ones with no particular direction until you're well into the project. 

Today's project was just that, a random project with a random design. 

Funny thing is that for the first time ever, my oldest daughter loved my project and wants it for her house! 

See what I mean!... 

lazy susan with penny tile design

I began this project with a Lazy Susan I found at the thrift store and had painted black at one time. 

black lazy Susan

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black for the base coat. 

When I started this project I had no real direction. 

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I love this penny tile stencil from Old Sign Stencils and I just recently used it on a table that came out amazing

old sign stencils penny tile stencil

So today I wanted to use the stencil again but wasn't sure exactly what direction I was going in.

penny tile stencil

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          white stenciled penny tile

I began by stenciling the whole top of the lazy Susan with white penny tiles. 

You will notice I went right over the edge of the lazy Susan. 

white penny tile stencil design

When the white paint dried, I used the second stencil in the set which is the design stencil, to randomly create a design on the top. 

stenciled design using detail stencil

I used different colors of craft paint to fill in the white "tiles". 

I made a few flowers, a few lines, and a few zig zags. 

Then I went around the tray filling in random circles with different colors.

random design stencil


If you look closely you'll even find one penny tile in gold! 

pin button
mid century modern design on lazy susan with overlay

penny tile stenciled lazy susan pin

When I was finished painting this very random design I painted the edge of the lazy Susan with more black paint.

painted edge of tray

I then sprayed the lazy Susan with a glossy spray sealer. 

spray sealer on stenciled lazy Susan


When the sealer dried I used my very favorite gel stain to "antique" the design

colorful stenciled lazy susan

I then gave the lazy Susan another coat of spray sealer. 

random penny stenciled lazy Susan and spray sealer

When the lazy Susan was finished I was pretty happy with the artful looking finished product but not as happy as my daughter Kasey who fell in love with it. 

colorful lazy Susan with Penny tile stencil

The Mid-Century Modern look of it was right up her artsy alley! 

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stenciled lazy Susan with zucchiini

So I had fun creating my masterpiece and she is happily giving it a home. 

lazy Susan with cream and sugar

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Penny tiled lazy Susan

lazy susan with cream and sugar


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