Macrame Beach Glass Vase

 Don't you just love the color of beach glass?

This turquoise color is my favorite!

When I found this beautiful vase it was just the right color and I knew I could make it look even more nautical with a touch of macrame. 

I used to love macrame back in the day and lately I've made several great projects with the macrame cord I bought on Amazon. 

Today's beautiful project is one I'll keep around all summer!

macrame vase and wreath

I began this project with a bolt of macrame cord I purchased a while back. 

I've made a whole bunch of fun macrame projects using the same bolt of cord. 

sea glass colored vase

I started with a 14" length of cord folded in half. 

I hitched 12 - 3' lengths of cord to the folded piece. 

lengths of macrame cord

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macrame cord hitched to starter cord

First, I wrapped the strings around the neck of the vase. 

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I started at one end tying a square knot with the first four strings. 

The original string I used to tie the longer strings to the vase was stuck inside to keep it out of the way. 

sea glass vase with strings

            hitched string to neck of vase

I went around the vase tying every group of 4 strings into a box stitch or square knot. 

bottle with string inside

square knot box stitches

I continued tying knots around the vase, stretching the knots down as I went. 

square knotted macrame cord on vase

vase with macrame strings

I continued tying the knots to the bottom of the vase. 

macrame half way down vase

square knots of macrame cord

When I reached the bottom of the bottle I began pulling the strings tighter to gather them as I turned the corner. 

bottom of vase

At the bottom of the vase I separated the cords into 2 large bunches and tied them in a knot.

bottom of vase with knot

Next, used hot glued on the knot to keep it from unraveling. 

hot gluing knot at bottom of vase

Then trimmed off the excess string. 

cutting strings at base of vase

knot at bottom of vase

The bottom of my vase was slightly indented which was perfect for the knot at the bottom. 

Next, I removed the original tie strings from the top of the bottle and attached a couple of pretty beach shells with hot glue. 

scallop shell on string


shells on strings hanging from side of vase

I filled the vase with greens and it made a gorgeous coastal decoration for our summer home. 

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macrame vase pin


vase with greens

Thanks so much for visiting! 

macrame vase with shells

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macrame vase with shells and greens


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